Riccardo Merlini

Italian drummer, fastest hands on the planet, graduated at Conservatory, student of Mike Mangini (Dream Theater) in Boston. Teacher, clinician, Riccardo is also one of the world fastest drummers who discovered and developed the fastest hands technique for a human being reaching 400BPM with single stroke roll. Drummers from all over the world studies with Riccardo like superstar percussionist Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill study, Mike Reid (drummer for Janet Jackson, Rhianna) and many others from around the world.

I took a couple of lessons with Riccardo and after the first one I really felt a huge benefit as I suffered of carpal tunnel. Now I completely change my way to approach on the hands technique changing positions and grip after several years of professional career feeling my limbs more relaxed. Of course I sped up a lot my BPMS as well with sticks and bare hands too

Eric Bobo
Cypress Hill

About the Technique

Riccardo Merlini

This technique is very useful and teachable to anyone from the first approach and it's very useful too for every kind of expression and style on the drum set or percussions. It helps to reach more flexibility of wrist and fingers. Developing right movements for a better control and grip functionality.